...I started my career in the corporate world of advertising in NYC, 1992.  For 10 years I worked my way through the Media Department until my last position as Associate Media Director.  I oversaw a team of planners and worked on some very high profile clients.

Although this is what I thought I wanted, my love for this field was just not there.  It was an extremely hard decision but I finally chose to leave advertising (and my salary!) behind to pursue my passion in life, which is working with animals!

I attended the prestigous Nash Academy of Animal Arts New Jersey in September of 2001 and obtained a 600 hour/5 month Pet Grooming Certificate, the highest certification level available.  Nash offers an extensive curriculum that includes both textbook study and hands-on grooming.  Their teaching emphasis focuses on proper technique, hand scissoring, breed standard clips as well as designing the right haircuts for mixed breeds.  I graduated with a tremendous knowledge of the Pet Grooming Industry and a huge desire to get my career started. 

I continue to enhance my education by attending training seminars, such as those at Intergroom and GroomExpo.  I am also a member of Professional Mobile Groomers International which keeps me up to date on all the latest information and technology in the Mobile Grooming Industry.

Over the next 9 months after graduation, I worked in 3 highly exclusive Pet Grooming Shops in NYC.  However, I did not agree with how the animals were being treated.  These poor dogs and cats were terrified and they HATED being groomed!!  I would hate it too if I was yelled at the whole time!

Grooming shop life almost made me abandon the industry altogether until I came upon Mobile Grooming.  This was my next job and I absolutely LOVED it!  I finally had one on one time with the dogs, they didn't spend their whole day caged up and they got so many hugs and kisses they actually LIKED jumping into the van to see me (most of the time anyway)!!  I firmly believe that you have to love animals in order to love grooming and your pets can tell!!  I worked with this van for 6 months and I decided that I wanted to start my own Mobile Pet Salon!!